Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yummy food in Bangkok! (Part 1)

This is another long overdue post! Both hubby and I flew to Bangkok to shop and feast! It was a short 3-day trip and this is the first trip that we were away without our kids! Yes, just the 2 of us! The kids were very understanding when we told them about our shopping trip. They agreed that they didn't like the air-pollution in Bangkok and congested traffic! So thankful that my kids are so understanding!

The moment we arrived Bangkok and check-in to our hotel, we went shopping straight away. We went to Platinum Mall and MBK. We were so tired from the shopping that we decided to settle for a simple meal in MBK, 4th level. I can't recall the shop name but the signage said that they served authentic Thai food. There was a queue and the place is filled the locals. As usual, hubby ordered something with eggs and non-spicy dishes. This is popular dish in Bangkok, egg omelet with minced pork and rice. I ordered seafood with basil leaves but the highlight of the meal was the authentic tom yam seafood soup. Spicy and sour, just the way I like it!

The hotel that we were staying offered vegetarian buffet breakfast! That's quite a change so I think I should take this opportunity to cleanse my system (intestines) from all the toxic that has been building up! I like the simple and yet nutritional breakfast! At least, I got to eat my pancakes!

On the next day, we went to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market  really early to avoid the crowd and the heat. However, we decided to leave the market at 11am as it was getting hot and crowded. So we went Siam Paragon to shop and ourselves down! We decided to have our lunch at the basement foodcourt. There are a lot of international food to choose from but we opted for Japanese. Surprisingly, the Japanese food were very authentic and tasty. prices were comparable to Singapore but the food taste really nice!

For dinner, we decided to venture to Chinatown for good seafood and shark fins. My sis would definitely get angry with me for eating sharks fins but I came across a few food reviews on this restaurant so I decided to try! look at the food reviews printed on the shopfront!


Look at the shark fins and crabs being displayed! These are real stuff!

We ordered the Claypot Shark Fins. The portion is quite genrous and enough for 2pax. The Chinese Thais are mostly Teochew so they understand Teochew if you speak to them. 


Next, we had Fish Maws Claypot with mushrooms. he portion is also sufficient for 2pax. The sauce is very nice and tasty.


We also ordered the Seafood Fried Rice. After all the shopping and walking, I really need to carbo-load! The rice is also very fragrant and tasty!


Next, we had the Crab Claws with Glass Noodles. The crabs are fresh and meat. They use a lot of garlic and peppercorn for this dish! Super yummy! 

For dessert, we had Bird Nest dessert. For that price, you can't expect the bird nest to be in strips but I still enjoy it. Do you know that ladies should drink more bird nests? It really nourishes the lungs and improves the complexion. If you can afford it, you should drink it on a weekly basis. It also help those with nasty or chronic coughs.


For the final day in Bangkok, we had our vegetarian breakfast! The mocked sausages are quite tasty too! I like the potato cutlets and veg.

Our flight was in the afternoon so we had lunch in the airport. Yes, can't leave Bangkok without eating another round of Thai food!


I ordered the Beef kway teow soup! Super yummy and authentic that I even wanted to pack a bowl back to Singapore! The added a lot of ried garlic to the soup and that really enhanced the soup! My hubby ordered green curry and instead of serving with rice, they served with prata! Interesting! He likes the authentic taste too!

The Thai restaurant usually served 4 types of sauces to go the meals. The dried chili flakes, chili oil, vinegar with sliced red chili and sugar! I think the sugar is for those who doesn't want their food to be too spicy!

We had a hard time deciding what desserts to eat next! The cakes look so good! The Thai dessert also look so colourful and yummy!

So we finally settled for strawberry sorbet and coffee! I really appreciate my dear for accompanying me for this shopping trip and helping me with my purchases and even bargaining! He also helped me control a bit! If not, my shopping spree would have gone out of control! I really enjoyed my shopping and feasting trip in Bangkok!

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