Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken & BBQ

This is another long overdue post! It was a birthday treat from my regular lunch kakki. They asked the birthday gals to decide on the venue and we decided on Korean food! After watching so many Korean drama series, we crave to eat authentic Korean food. We decided to go to Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken and BBQ as we've read good reviews about the restaurant.

Upon arriving, we were served 6 different types of appetizers. My fav is the kimchi. The kimchi there is not very sour unlike some places. The appetizers are free flow so the waitress will always top up when you finish them. 

We ordered the Spicy Seafood Soup.  It is a little spicy but very appetizing. Lots of veg, tofu and seafood.

The Seafood Pancake is another popular Korean dish. It is quite disappointing, too much flour so it is not crispy.

This is Fried Tapioca Noodles, a bit like our glass noodles (tang hoon). It nice and tasty. If you noticed, the Koreans like to sprinkle their food with sesame seeds. It really enhances the taste.


This is their signature dish so we ordered the Ginseng Chicken Soup to try. The soup is very tasty with strong ginseng taste and the chicken meat is so tender. The chicken is stuffed with rice and ginkgo nuts. It is a nutritional dish.

This is another famous Korean dish, Bibimbap.  It is a bowl of warm rice served with seasoned veg and chili pepper paste served with raw egg and minched beef. You must really mix well. The stone bowl will keep the rice warm and crispy.

The Korean Grilled Mackerel is really good. We squeezed the lemon slices so there is no fishy taste. Do you know that oily fish like mackerel is good for health? They are high in Omega 3 oil, good for your health.

Overall, the dining experience is good. They even serve complimentary fruits. We were so full that we didn't order any desserts. The restaurant also served Korean BBQ buffet. If you're meat eater, then you should go for that! The food is nice and the prices are reasonable too!

Food: Excellent
Ambiance: Good
Service: Good
Price: $25/pax

Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken & BBQ
#04-13 Centrepoint

176 Orchard Road
Tel: 6737 3282

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