Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant

Recently, our family went Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant to have a sumptious Teochew dinner. For those of you who didn't know, this family-run restaurant has a long history. I heard that they started out at Ellenborough Market at High Street and moved to Bukit Merah in the 1990s when the market ceased operation. At Ah Orh, you can be assured of freshness! Diners will have to order at their kitchen. You select the seafood and advised them how you want the dishes to be cook! Plates of fresh seafood are also displayed for you to select. The Teochew likes steamed crabs with roe.

Plates of fresh seafood for selection.

In any Teochew restaurants or eating places, the 2 essential sauces are:- chilli, garlic & vinegar & fermented soya bean paste a.k.a"tauchu"with shredded ginger. Both sauces go well with steamed fish or vegetables.

The stewed chicken with Chinese chestnuts a.k.a "Gao Luck"is very tasty. The chicken meat is tender and yet retained it flavour.

Stewed chicken with Chinese chestnuts

The next dish is China kai lang stir-fry with prawns and mushrooms. I really like the crunchiness of the kai lang. This veg is seasonal so you can only eat or find them during the China's winter months.

Of course, you must order their signature dish, Fried Oyster Omelette. The oysters are so big, juicy and fresh. According to my mom, Oh Chien orignates from Swatow.

The Teochew meat roll a.k.a "ngoh hiang" tastes a little different from the Hokkien ngoh hiang. The Teochew add yam paste to the meat roll so the taste is a bit sweet.

Fried Ngoh Hiang
The seafood wintermelon soup is double-boiled. I feel that they shouldn't have added dried-cuttlefish to the soup. It really spoil the freshness of the clear soup. A bit disappointing.

Well, as I've mentioned before, a Teochew meal isn't complete without steamed fish! The steamed pomfret in Teochew style is super fresh! The chef actually sliced the fish meat so that it will curve up when it's ready for serving. The soup is so tasty that you can even drink the soup.

The steamed minced pork with toufu, mushrooms and egg. A very healthy dish but very ordinary in taste.

As usual, the yam paste a.k.a "Oh Nee" dessert is a MUST in any Teochew restaurants or eating places. The paste is smooth and not sweet or oily. Also, you can improve your memory with ginkgo nuts.

Food: Good
Ambience: Average
Service: Average
Price: S$26/pax

Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant
Blk 115 Jln Bukit Merah
#01-1627 S(160115)
Tel: 62757575

Food & Hotel Asia 2010 @ S'pore Expo

The F&H Asia exhibition which is held bi-annually used up all the 9 halls at Spore Expo. My friend has kindly given me two complimentary tickets (valued at S$80 each) to attend the show. Of course, I didn't want to miss this exciting show. So I applied leave and travel all the way to the east to taste food, drinks and wine from so many countries. Also to try out new products. Of course, my favourite would be the choc, ice-cream and cake section. Don't worry, I managed to burn-off all my calories from all the walking. Do visit the show next time (2012) if you have the opportunity!

Boutique Chocolates

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

This is a new post but a bit outdated as we went there quite a few months back. Even the photography style is different. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant has many outlets but this outlet is tucked away in Dempsey Hill. If you're not crazy about the typical seafood dishes, you can order their Exeucitve Set Lunch at S$38++ and S$48++ respectively. A bit of fusion style seafood. Both Set A & Set B Menu have slightly different starters. The Chilled Mango Duck salad is really good and tasty.

Sugar Cane Prawn/Chilled Mango Duck Salad/Deep Fried Scallop

Deep Fried Scallop/Marinated Jellyfish/Seafood Paste
Both soups are simple and full of seafood goodness and not very salty. Our family have reduced our salt-intake over the years so we're not used to salty food when we dine outside. We always have to make a special request for less salt in our food. Hopefully, we didn't offend any chefs.
Seafood Conpoy Pumpkin Soup
Jumbo Superior Seafood Soup

I really like the Chilli Crab Crab here because it has been de-shelled! So I don't have to dirty my fingers! The chilli sauce is really thick, creamy, sweet and spicy.

De-shelled Chilli Crab Claw with "Man Tou"

The King Prawn noodle was quite normal. I preferred the XO Fried Rice. Very tasty, similar to HK- style fried rice. The white baits are fired till crispy with lots of spring onions.

King Prawn with "Ee-fu" Noodles

Colours of Life....

Do you know that colours can influence one's feelings and mood?

Juz look out for brightly-coloured flowers, they've uplifting effects.

You'll feel happier after admiring and appreciating them.
Do give it a try!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kim's Family Korean Restaurant

My friend has kindly invited me to join her for lunch at Kim's Family Korean Restaurant. I've read a few food reviews and remembered that the restaurant was also featured in a food programme recently. It's a family-run restaurant. The Korean chef came to Singapore to work 7 years ago and decided to set up his own restaurant. Now, the wife, son and daughter are also helping out in the restaurant. The decor is very simple and homely.

12 Side Dishes

For starter, they will serve Korean tea and complimentary side dishes. We were shocked to see 12 side dishes placed on our small table. I like the braised potato, anchovies and Chinese leeks. We were quite full after eating all the appetizers! In fact, we requested for another side dish - kimchi! How could a Korean restaurant not serve their national dish? In Korea, kimchi is served during breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Their kimchi is not spicy but a little sour. Do you know that kimchi has a lot of health benefits? Kimchi eliminates cholesterol, promotes intestional health and improve digestion. To make kimchi, you need to add vinegar, oil, salt, chilli pepper, onions, garlic, Chinese cabbage and spring onions.

Beef Bulgolgi on Hotplate

The lunch beef set is value for money. At S$8, the portion is sufficient, the beef is tender and tasty. It's not oily and served with rice.


Bibimbap is another popular Korean dish. The rice is cooked in a stone pot then mixed with vegetables, meat and an egg. I felt that the seasoning is a bit too light.

Kimchi hot and spicy seafood soup

The soup is very spicy and tasty with lots of seafood (prawn, fish, sotong and clams) and vegetables. It's also served with rice. Simply delicious!

At the end of the meal, we were served complimentary fruits (watermelon) and plum tea. The plum tea is so refreshing and nice.

Overall, it's a nice place to enjoy affordable authentic Korean food. I would definitely go back to try other Korean dishes like Korean BBQ.

Food: Good
Ambience: Average
Service: Good
Price range: S$10-S$18/pax

Kim's Family Food Korean Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat #01-06
Kilat Court S(598139)
Tel: 6465 0535

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A ray of hope....

Don't give up.... persevere....

Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant

Somewhere along Robertson Quay's rows of boutique hotels, offices and apartments lies a hidden treasure that's yet to be discovered. A family-run Teochew restaurant that caters to family. The decor is simple and homely. However, the ingredients used are very fresh and prices are affordable and reasonable too. Most of the diners are regulars there.

For the Teochew, they like to start-off their meal with a Cold Dish. The prawn salad in the combination platter is very nice. A good mix of fried and non-fried appetizer.

Cold Dish

The Teochew like braised duck and goose. (While the Cantonese prefer roast duck & goose.) The meat and sauce are very tasty and nice. The briased beancurd is also a hot favourite. 

Teochew Braised Duck

This is a stachy type of fish maw soup. I like to add lots of pepper to enhance the taste. According to my mom, fish maws are good for lungs. They are the air bladder of fish that enable them to control their buoyancy in the water. They are becoming popular due to high source of collagen.

 This dish is quite normal as I dislike the taste of salad cream. I prefer my prawns to be steamed.

Salad prawns with broccoli

The Teochew named the dish, Oh Luak. The Hokkien prefer to call them O-Chian. Generous portion of eggs. The giant oysters are hidden below. This version is not so oily but also not so crispy.

Oyster Omelette

The steamed red grouper is so popular that before I could take a pix, half the fish is gone! The Teochews like their fish fresh and steamed with salted veg, ginger and sour preserved plum. The sauce is so tasty that you could even drink it like a soup. The best way to eat steamed fish is to eat them while it's steaming hot. The fish is so fresh and the meat so tender! So delicious!

This is another popular Teochew dish. The Teochew considered sea cucumber and fish maw as delicacy. My mom also informed me that they are high in collagen. So ladies, eat more if you want radiant looking skin!

Braised sea cucumber, fish maw, mushrooms & broccoli

The handmade buns are really nice. Very soft and yet chewy. They go well with the braised pork. Teochew meal isn't complete without the famous dessert, Orh Nee. A yam paste with gingko nut. The paste is smooth and not too sweet or oily.

Overall, Liang Kee is a nice place to enjoy simple Teochew food with your family or friends. Prices are reasonable. You can also try other signature dishes like cold crabs, steamed pomfret and sambal crayfish.

Braised Pork Belly with Steamed Buns

Food : Good

Ambience : Average
Service : Good
Price range : S$25 - S$30/pax

Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant
#01-10/11 Robertson Quay S(238251)
Tel: 6734 7900

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Have u been to Victoria Peak?

Have you been to Victoria Peak? Oh no! I'm not talking about the Victoria Peak in HK. I'm referring to Victoria Peak Chinese Cuisine Restaurant at Orchard Central. They're an extension of the popular Victoria City restaurants in Hong Kong. They serve tim sum and Cantonese cuisine. It's situated on the 11th level and near the roof-top garden. You can also enjoy a nice view of Orchard Rd from the walkway. We ordered the Set Menu for 10pax as we have 9pax. The Set Menu consists of 8 courses including dessert. The portion was large so there were enough food for second helping.

The set lunch menu actually comes with sharks fin soup but our family have strongly advocate against eating shark fins so we requested for a change to winter melon soup instead. The restaurant must be very happy with our decision as sharks fins are definitely more expensive than winter melon! It's a right decision as the wintermleon soup is double-boiled to perfection.Actually, I'm not a big fan of Peking Duck after i found out how they prepare the duck before roasting! (For those who still want to enjoy their Peking Duck, better don't find out from me.) However, my family commented that it's very tasty and nice so I gave it a try. Indeed! The crispy skin is roasted to perfection. The skin is wrapped in like a pancake and you have the option to add the sauce/spring onion if you like.

Peking Duck

You can really taste the sweetness and seafood goodness in the soup. The chef is really generous with the ingredients in the soup. It's a refreshing and nourishing soup, good for your lungs.

Winter Melon Soup with Eight Treasures

The prawns are deep-fried but fresh and sautéed with sweet corns and salted eggs. The taste is very unique as you can taste the sweetness and saltness at the same time.

Prawns with sweet corn

The fish is deboned and sliced. Steamed over the lotus leaf and garnished with mushroom, spring onions and ginger. The fish is very fresh and tender but the sauce is a bit too salty.
Steamed Grouper Fish

The pork is marinated and deep-fried. Very tender and nice. But a bit on the oily side.

Deep Fried Pork

This is restaurant's signature dish. The duck meat from the Peking duck is used for this duck stew. Very tasty and piping hot as the stone pot keep the soup warm.

Duck Stew Hotpot

Quite ordinary to me but at least the noodles did't stick together.

Overall, a nice place to dine. There are a few large aquariums for the live seafood. The place is bright but a bit noisy as the ceiling is a bit too low. However, you could request for a private room.

Don't you find the design nice and creative?
Glutinous Rice w coconut milk

Food - Good
Ambience - Good
Service - Excellent
Price range - S$30 - S$35 per pax

Victoria Peak Chinese Cuisine Restaurant
Orchard Central
Tel: 6238 7666


Ee Fu Noodle